Since 1970s, Sumitomo's PCD (Polycrystalline Diamond) grades named SUMIDIA has pioneered the development of sintered diamond tools successfully used in the tool making industries. These tool materials can be epoch-making in a sense of broadening the cutting application range. 

Characteristics are excellent wear and fracture resistance, high quality finished surfaces as well as high performance.

Production Process
In the production process of SUMIDIA powder / diamond powder is firstly synthesized under the ultra - high pressure, and secondly, the synthesized crystalline grains are sintered. To manufacture final products round discs of SUMIDIA material are cut into specific shapes and brazed on to tool bodies made of cemented carbide, and after that finished by grinding the edge. In another process the final product can be obtained only by cutting blanks and finishing them.

Application area
Due to PCD's high chemical affinity to carbon it is not convenient to steel, but special developed for wood, plastics and non-ferrous metal finishing.


Super hard grade for machining of Aluminium-Alloy

SUMIDIA DA1000 is a high density, ultra-fine grained sintered PCD with high toughness similar to that of carbide. Excellent micro cutting edge geometry, optimum wear and fracture resistance facilitate high performance, longer tool life and achieve high efficiency machining especially during milling of all aluminum alloys. Significantly improved surface roughness on machined surfaces and minimization of burr formation on work piece.

•  High density, ultra-fine grained sintered PCD
•  Optimum wear & fracture resistance
•  Excellent edge sharpness

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NLD Type / NGD Type SUMIDIA Break Master

PCD Chipbreaker for Non-Ferrous Metals

3D chipbreakers have been added to the SUMIDIA insert series.
The NLD type and NGD type chipbreakers achieve outstanding chip control in semi-and fine-finishing of aluminum alloys.
The employment of high toughness grade DA1000 achieves stable, long tool life.

•  PCD insert with chip breaker for aluminium alloys
•  Excellent chip control in finishing applications
•  Improved work efficiency by solving chip control problems
•  Stable long tool life by employing high-toughness grade DA1000

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RF Type SUMIDIA Face Mill

High speed finishing of aluminum alloy

The RF Type for finishing and roughing aluminum alloys and non-ferrous materials provides high precision and high speed machining (vc=5000m/min). RF Type offers an aluminum alloy body and an easy assembling method using the setting gauge. Additionally run-out is less than 10µm.