Drilling tools

To achieve an innovative drilling process of workpieces, Sumitomo offers excellent drilling tools and solutions for a variety of machining conditions, materials and application types. With our reconditioning and coating service as well as exchangable drill heads, we provide an increase of productivity and profitability.

Super MultiDrill XHGS Series

High efficiency solid carbide drills for deep hole drilling

The XHGS Type is a next-generation drill for deep hole drilling, features stable chip control and improved strength to further enhance efficiency of deep hole drilling. The application of a new special thinning shape "RX thinning" reduces cutting resistance during high efficiency drilling. New groove shape "J flute" with improved chip control stability when drilling deep holes. Improved chip evacuation makes it possible to reduce spindle load fluctuation, ensuring stable, long tool life. The XHGS Type provides excellent guide performance due to the unique design when compared to the conventional drill.

> Higher efficiency in deep hole drilling: 12D, 15D, 20D, 25D, 30D
> Low cutting resistance by special "RX thinning" shape
> Improved chip control by new groove shape "J flute"
> DEX coating provides long tool life
> Compatible with MQL system

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Flat MultiDrill MDF Series

Coated carbide drills for spot facing

The flat MultiDrill MDF type is a solid carbide drill that can be used for various purposes including high-efficiency spot facing and drilling in inclined and curved surfaces. It can be used in a variety of drilling applications thanks to its point angle of 180° so that it is applicable to high-efficiency spot facing, drilling in non-horizontal surfaces such as inclined and cylindrical surfaces and interrupted drilling. It also reduces burrs at hole exits by more than half compared to general-purpose drills.

> Effective for inclined and curved surface spot drilling
> Reduced burrs at hole exits
> Applicable for interrupted and cross drilling

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SDM Type SumiDrill Power-Series - Expansion

All-rounder for drilling of stainless steel

The SumiDrill Power-Series is expanded by the new SDM Type which offers an optimized design for drilling of stainless steel. Provided with latest technology of Sumi-Power Coating there are high adhesion resistance and high wear resistance to achieve a long tool life.

High process reliability in stainless steel and low carbon steel
•  High drill hole quality
•  Latest technology of Sumi-Power Coating
•  New designed sharp cutting edge
•  Can be used on low-performance machines (avoids overload)

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SDP-Type SumiDrill Power-Series

All-rounder for drilling

SDP-Type, the new expansion of SumiDrill Power-Series, offers high efficient drilling in wide application range. Provided with latest technology of Sumi-Power Coating there are improved anti-adhesion as well as high wear resistance. Top performance parameters with maximum feed and stable long tool life are given. It's an all-rounder for drilling.

Wide application range
•  Maximum performance by increased feed capabilities
•  Latest technology of Sumi-Power Coating
•  New designed double margin for excellent hole accuracy
•  Elliptical flute design for improved chip evacuation
•  Curved cutting edge - ideal for removing chips

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Micro Long Drills

MLDH Micro Long Drills are oil-hole drills for high efficiency drilling that were developed for drilling deep, small-diameter holes. These next-generation, small-diameter hole drills feature improved strength - often a problem area with small-diameter drills.New groove shape ensures good drill rigidity and chip evacuation.
High efficiency drilling to depths of over 20x drill diameter at over Vf= 500mm/min (drill diameter 1,3mm, X12CrS13 equivalent). Optimal thinning and edge balance for stable chip control. Special coating provides long tool life with a wide variety of work materials. Improved chip evacuation makes it possible to reduce spindle load fluctuation, ensuring stable tool life.

•  New "TiAIN" PVD coating
•  Good drill rigidity
•  Optimal thinning and edge balance
•  Excellent wear resistance and fracture resistance
•  Stable chip control

SMD MultiDrill Type

MultiDrills with replaceable and regrindable heads

The high rigidity, low cost SMD MultiDrill series now offers tools for large holes and structural steel applications to serve a broader range of applications.
Detachable head type drill using a radial serrated connection design for high precision and strength. The exchangeable drill head provides a new cutting edge, higher productivity and cost efficiency with easy tool management. Regrinding allowance of 1,5mm to 3,0mm makes further tool cost reductions possible.

Application range:
MTL Type for high efficiency drilling in general steel
MEL Type for soft steel, grey cast iron, exotic metals and low rigidity setups
MB Type for drilling roles steel for structural weldments (single layer & laminate materials)


•  Drill diameter up to Ø 42,5mm
•  High rigidity & low costs
•  High precision & strength

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MDW - GS / HGS Type

Super MultiDrills for Long Tool Life and Excellent Chip Evacuation

Super MultiDrill GS and HGS types are solid carbide drills that employ a new flute design and wide chip pocket to achieve excellent chip management and evacuation. DEX coating enables stable and long tool life over a wide range of work materials and applications.

•  Long tool life
•  Stable chip evacuation
•  Quiet cutting & stable cutting resistance
•  Environmentally-freindly

WDX-SumiDrill Type Large Hole/5D Type

Indexable Drills

The newly designed SumiDrill WDX features indexible inserts with 4 cutting edges and a range of optimized chip breakers:
Light (L) - General purpose (G) - Heavy (H) for rapid chip removal
The balanced cut design maximizes feed rates and accuracy whilst the ultra hard Super ZX coated inserts double the tool life.

Ultra hard Super ZX inserts double tool life
•  Diameter range: 13,0 ~ 55,0 mm
•  Drilling depth: ~ 2D, ~ 3D, ~ 4D, ~ 5D
•  Excellent chip control
•  1 insert for both pockets
•  Excellent hole accuracy

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Super MultiDrill for Aluminium Alloy Machining

Super MultiDrill MDW - NHGS type offering 7 times more efficiency when drilling aluminium than a straight cutting edge drill by combining the J fl ute, wide L thinning, wide W margin, and AURORA coating.

•  High efficiency drilling
•  Precision drilling
•  Longer tool life
•  Deep hole (L/D = 20) drilling