Milling tools

For the milling process the choice of milling tool and cutting material is an important factor to achieve an optimum of efficiency and effectivity. Sumitomo provides numerous milling tools and materials to cover a wide application range from face milling and shoulder milling to special milling processes.


Wave Mill Series

The WEX Type 1000 employs efficient machining via high number of inserts. The special designed insert (AXMT type) with unique geometry offers reduced cutting forces and reliable machining. Insert series includes a choice of 7 substrates combined with 3 chip breaker geometries. Cutter development offers a high resistance against both abrasion and corrosion. Chip evacuation is supported by inner coolant and air pressure.

•  Min. Ø 10mm
•  Economic advantages using small AXMT06 inserts
•  Precise insert change tolerance provides high surface roughness quality
•  High shoulder accuracy due to optimized cutting edge
•  Stable cutting conditions when utilising low rigidity machines

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DFC Cutter

SEC-Sumi Dual Mill Series

The SEC-Sumi Dual Mill DFC type employs cost effective double-sided inserts for high toughness and enhanced accuracy.The double-side inserts are flexible and reduces costs. The new insert design separates the location area and cutting edge producing an optimized solution. Machining accuracy is comparable to single sided inserts provided the DOC is less than 3mm.

•  Stable and reliable tool life
•  Wide milling cutter range with diameter from Ø25mm to Ø160mm
•  Available as standard, fine and extra fine pitch
•  6 corner/insert for high cost efficiency 
•  Unique, precise insert design for superior accuracy 
•  High toughness and secure productivity

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RSX Wave Radius Mill

Radius Cutter for Exotic Alloys

The RSX "Wave Radius Mill" Series is developed for exotic alloys as well as for stainless steel machining. Smooth cutting action and low vibration machining provided based on the high rake angle design and high rigidity body. E-class tolerance inserts guarantee good run-out.

•  Low cutting resistance & less vibration
•  High operability
•  Stable and long tool life

In combination with the new ACM-grades a high tool life can be achieved.

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ACM100 / ACM200 / ACM300

Grades for Stainless Steel and Exotic Alloy Milling

A new series of coated grades for stainless steel and exotic alloy milling. ACM100 and ACM300 employ New Super ZX Coating and thereby enable milling that is 1.5 times faster and more efficient compared to conventional grades.
ACM200 employs Super FF Coating and achieves smooth coating as well as excellent chipping resistance.



WAX 3000 / 4000 "Wave Mill" Series

High speed milling system for non ferrous metals and aluminium alloys

WAX "Wave Mill" type is a high speed and high efficiency cutter capable of rough milling to finishing of non-ferrous metals such as aluminium alloys. It is usable for ramping (slant milling) & helical milling. The safety design prevents dislodging of inserts caused by centrifugal forces. Additionally coolant holes are a standard feature for the whole series. 

•  For ramping (slant milling) & helical milling
•  Safety design
•  Coolant supply
•  Excellent adhesion resistance
•  WAX 3000 / 4000 diameter ranging from 25 to 125mm

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"Wave Mill Series"

The WEX Wave Mill Series offers insert end mills and shoulder milling cutters based on the successful Sumitomo Wave Mill concept. The wave shaped cutting edges generate lower cutting forces whilst the high shear cutting action ensures smooth reliable cutting even when deep slotting or milling with low rigidity machines. Strong cutting edges with heat and wear resistance nano technology coatings substantially improve machining accuracy and surface finish.

•  Unbeatable performance
•  Smooth cutting due to high rake inserts
•  High feed rates because of strong cutting edge
•  Greatly extended tool life when specified with PVD and CVD coated inserts
•  Wave shaped cutting edge for excellent machined quality

NEW: WEX 1000 Series - min. Ø 10 mm

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WFX WaveMill Cutter (Expansion)

Cutter for Shoulder Milling

A series of small inserts has been added to the WaveMill WFX Type. The multi-edge design of this series improves milling efficiency and, in addition, the cutting edge design focusing on squareness reduces level differences and thereby achieves excellent surface finish in shoulder milling.

•  Maximum depth of cut 6mm
•  Optimized edge shape

Application range:
Shoulder Milling for Steel, Stainless Steel, Die Steel, Cast Iron, Non-Ferrous Metal, Exotic Alloy

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WFX Wavemill Type

High precision & high quality 90°-Shoulder Milling Cutter

Wavemill Shoulder Milling Cutter WFX is a screw locking type cutter capable of using 4-cornered inserts. The unique insert cutting edge and high-precision body provides superior cutting performance, beautiful machined surface finish, and excellent shoulder milling squareness. New Wave Mill Inserts are available for Shoulder Milling.

•  Maximum depth of cut 10mm
•  With oil hole (Ø 125mm or less)
•  3 chip breaker types

Application range
L-type for light cut, low rigidity milling & reduced burrs
G-type for general purpose
H-type for roughing, heavy interrupted & hardened steel milling

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WGX Wavemill-Series

General Purpose Face Milling Cutter

The WaveMill WGX Type employs unique chipbreaker design to provide lower cutting resistance and higher quality surface finishes than conventional tools. Optimised chamfer edge reduces burr and edge chipping. The Wavemill WGX Type features high precision technology that reduces insert run-out variation and a new coating to provide stable and long tool life.

•  Top performance parameters
•  Highest quality
•  Stable and long tool life

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DGC Sumi Dual Mill Type

General Purpose High Efficiency Face Milling Cutters

Sumi Dual Mill DGC-Type utilizes double-sided inserts for excellent economy. This is a general-purpose cutter featuring high cutting edge strength for high efficiency milling and low-burr chipbreaker design that provides high quality machined surface.


•  Milling cutter for high-efficient general face milling
•  Unique body design can use two types of different inserts
•  Same cutting performance as single-sided inserts plus superior economy

The DGC type insert lineup includes double-sided SNMU (double-sided, 8 corners) and ONMU (double-sided, 16 corners) types. Up to 16 corners can be used for improved economy.

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Modular tools

Exchangeable Head Tools

Sumitomo's Modular Tools are available in three types of exchangeable head endmills. There is a wide variety of possible combinations with carbide arbors and steel arbors. Suitable for milling with long overhangs up to 6 x D from Modular Endmill with carbide arbor. A carbide arbor improves feed rates, surface finish, sizing and long tool life.

Application area
High Efficiency Endmill - WEX-Type (15 items)
Multipurpose Radius Endmill - WRCX-Type (7 items)
Ultra-High Feed Endmill - MSX-Type (13 items)

Extended application area

Carbide arbors (16 items)
Steel arbors (4 items)

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SSEH Anti-Vibration Type

Carbide Endmills for Exotic Alloys

New SSEHVL Anti-Vibration Type added to the endmill series SSEH for exotic materials. Builds on the same features of existing end mills by adding an irregular lead for exceptionally good anti-vibration performance.

SSEH Series
•  New ultra-smoothcoating
•  Improved wear resistance and fracture resistance
•  Large helix angle (45 degrees)
•  Excellent cutting performance and chip evacuation
•  Stronger weg thickness for high tool rigidity

SSEHVL Anti-Vibration Type
•  Irregular pitch
•  Irregular lead
•  Exceptionally good anti-vibration performance

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PDL-Drill Type / PCT-Mill Type

Indexable Plunge Drill / Plunge Mill

The tool cuts in the Z axis direction where tool rigidity is highest, allowing high efficiency roughing for aeronautic components and dies with long tool overhang must be used to machine deep holes and pockets.
The flat cutting edge design produces near-flat bottom profiles to reduce depth of cut variation during finishing. All sizes come with an air hole for supplying coolant internally to improve chip evacuation. Durable body with special surface treatment offers improved tool life and reliability. The tools use SumiDrill WDX type inserts for handling a wide range of work materials, from steel to non-ferrous metals and exotic alloys.

The PDL Type has a central insert making it possible to make radial cuts beyond the tool's radius, pitch feed cutting and drilling. (Pocketing milling, etc.)

Although the PCT Type has limited radial cutting ability, the tool has many effective teeth enabling it to perform high feed cutting. (Medium finishing of corners, hole expansion, deep grooving, etc.)

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For High Efficiency Machining of Cast Iron and Cast Steel

The DNX / DNXF series are face mills for general milling of cast iron and steel. 8-cornered insert achieves high efficiency milling with large depth of cut. Multi-cornered cutters for cast iron are available in a wide variety of bodies and inserts.

•  Small inserts with 8 cutting edges
•  Economic by double-side usage
•  Optimized geometry for best results in cast iron
•  Special inserts for steel machining

GSX Mill, Ballnose/ Anti-Vibration Type

New-Generation „Global Standard“ Carbide Endmills

Ballnose and Anti-Vibration Types now available in our New „Global Standard“ Endmill Series GSX Mill. Enhanced Product Range.

GSX Mill Anti-Vibration Type (Square radius): Offers an optimized irregular pitch and lead affords for drastically improved chattering and fracture resistance. Less cutting force allows high-speed and high-feed cutting. Rounded lands greatly improve machined surface quality (from ø4 and up). New fine-grained carbide substrate and special coating for better rigidity, thermal and wear resistance.

GSX Mill Ball: New coating combined with a fine-grained carbide substrate affords better thermal and wear resistance. Large helix angle on cutting edge reduces cutting resistance. Additionally unique pocket design and expanded pocket area promote better chip evacuation. Expands the range of machinable material from soft to hardened steels and offers reliability and longer tool life.