Turning tools and cutting materials

As a world leading manufacturer of turning tools and cutting materials, Sumitomo has a distinguished know-how in turning tasks. Therefore Sumitomo offers a wide variety of carbide grades as well as coated and uncoated cermet grades, which provide high cutting speed and high precision with long duarbility.


ISO Polygon Cassette Grooving System

The already established GND grooving system now offers a version with polygon shank and a flexible and economical cassette system for inserts. A variety of chipbreakers ensures outstanding chip control performance in many different types of applications.

•  ISO Polygon shank holder 
•  Economic cassettes
•  Compact and stable construction
•  Repeatability of ±0,002mm interface
•  Internal coolant supply directly from the holder to the cutting edge
•  Applicable for grooving, cut-off, profiling and turning

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Universal grade for steel turning

The new grade AC8025P bridges the gap between continuous and heavy interrupted cut and is suitable for cutting speed up to 250m/min. With AC8025P we offer an universal and steady machining in a wide application range. Using a newly developed titanium compound as a coating for the outermost layer greatly improves strength, gives excellent surface smoothness to the coating layer, and makes stable processing a reality.
AC8025P uses the "Absotech Platinum" developed using our own advanced CVD technology, delivering at least double the anti-chipping effect of conventional coating layers, and producing a first-choice material for general turning of steel, including greatly improved adhesion resistance.

•  New Coating ,,Absotech Platinum"
•  Excellent wear and fracture resistance
•  High machining quality and versatility

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T1000A / T1500A

Uncoated Cermet Grades

T1000A is an uncoated high speed finishing grade designed with wear resistance in mind that provides long tool life and excellent wear resistance in continuous finishing and profiling applications.

•  Exceptional toughness and adhesion for a hardened cermet
•  Perfect for fine finishing with grinding grades
•  Extensive line up with emphasis on grinding grades meets a diverse range of needs

T1500A is a general purpose uncoated cermet that provides stable finish quality in finishing and medium cutting. This cermet grade features varying levels of granularity that leaves a beautiful glossy finish while achieving excellent resistance against wear and fracture.

•  Excellent fracture and wear resistance
•  3D chip breaker comes into its own in applications where good chip control is required
•  Expanded lineup meets an even wider range of needs

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Coated Cermet Grade for Steel Turning

New PVD coating process "Brilliant Coat" for glossy finished surface with excellent adhesion resistance. A general purpose coated cermet grade capable of maintaining high-quality finished surfaces while providing excellent wear resistance.

•  New PVD coating process ,,Brilliant Coat"
•  Excellent wear resistance and fracture resistance
•  Low reactivity with work materials

Expanded chip breaker lineup with newly developed NFB type for low carbon steel and general steel machining.

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NEF / NEG / NEM Type

Chipbreakers for Stainless Steel Machining

In addition to the NEF type for finishing and the NEG type for medium cutting, the NEM type for rough cutting has been added to the chipbreaker series for stainless steel machining.

The NEF chip breaker reduces chip curl diameter in finishing applications. Provides very good chip management not fluctuated by the material in use.
The NEG chip breaker achieves excellent wear resistance and chip control from general-purpose machining to roughing applications. Also provides very high versatility.
The NEM chip breaker achieves excellent fracture and crater resistance and ensures extremely stable machining thanks to an edge shape that enable smooth chip evacuation. 

Best solution for stainless steel turning utilizing the combination with the new grades AC6030M and AC6040M.

AC6030M / AC6040M

Coated Carbide Grades for Stainless Steel Turning

New grades for stainless steel cutting with excellent wear and fracture resistance.  

AC6030M: The first recommended grade for general machining of stainless steel drastically reduces the occurrence of abnormal damage in stainless steel machining and achieves stable long tool life thanks to the new coating "Absotech Platinum".

AC6040M: The first recommended grade for general machining of stainless steel drastically improves the reliability in unstable machining thanks to the excellent adhesion and the peeling-off resistance of the new coating "Absotech Bronze". The improved fracture resistance of the exclusive carbide substrate assures the production.

•  New "Absotech" technology
•  Extended tool life & reduced tool costs
•  Wide application range 

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GND-Type (Expansion II)

Grooving Tools

The second expansion of GND type expands our lineup of items for small lathes. The minimum insert width is 1.25 mm. This item is combined with a GF type chipbreaker with low cutting resistance. Our lineup of small shank size holders for auto lathes has been expanded. Two grades (AC520U / AC425K) have also been added to correspond to exotic alloy and cast iron turning.

Applicable for grooving, turning, profiling, facing, boring and cut-off
•  Excellent chip control
•  30% reduced vibration compared with conventional types
•  High precision grooving

GND Type Grooving System

Applicable for grooving, turning, copying, facing, boring and cut-off

The GND type is designed for grooving and features a single-piece construction made of special steel. This design reduces vibration and also delivers steady performance with turning, copying, grooving, boring, facing and cut-off.

•  Wide application range by using six different types of chip breakers
•  30% reduced vibrations as compared to conventional types
•  Consistent chip control
•  High precision

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NFB Type / NLB Type

M-Class Positive Type Chipbreakers

A new series of M class positive type chipbreakers. This series improves chip control in steel plate and soft steel turning.

The NFB Type increases chip strain and thereby improves chip breaking performance thanks to the variable rake angle in nose radius.
The NLB Type achieves excellent chip control and machining stability thanks to the special concave ridge shape.

AC405K / AC415K / AC420K ACE-Coated Grades

New coated carbide grades for cast iron turning

The application range of ACE-Coated Grades is from high speed cutting to interrupted cutting.

AC405K: Suitable for high-speed continuous cutting. Excellent resistance to wear and plastic deformation.
AC415K: First recommended grade for cast iron turning. Provides stability and long tool life in a wide range of processes.
AC420K: This grade is extremely stable and shows good performance against interrupted, unstable cutting or mill-scaled work due to its excellent fracture resistance.

•  Finer and harder Super FF TiCN layer
•  Newly developed stress control technology
•  Excellent wear resistance and reliability
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BXBR Series

Micro Boring Bars

BXBR Micro Boring Bars for drilling minimum boring diameters of 2mm. 2-cornered insert usable for overhangs up to 5D.

•  Economical 2-cornered insert
•  Maximum boring depth 5D
•  Usable at any desired overhang
•  Minimum boring diameters of 2mm up to 5mm 


New chipbreaker series for wide range DOC

The new NSI chipbreaker series offer sharp designed cutting edge with low-cutting force. It provides better chip control in wide range DOC for bar feeder machine. The combination of high rake edge design and G-class precision offers superior cutting performance. The NSI series are suitable for medical parts and high precision machining. Additionally nose radius with minus tolerance (M) is available.

•  Sharp designed cutting edge
•  Nose radius with minus tolerance (M)
•  Better chip control
•  Superior cutting performance

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AC805P / AC810P / AC820P / AC830P - ACE-Coated Grades

Super FF coated inserts for steel turning

The ACE-Coated grades feature Super FF Coat, which has excellent wear and chipping resistance. Versatile NGE Type chip breaker suited to high-feed applications.
AC805P: The ultra-thick Al2O3 coating achieves excellent wear resistance at high speed cutting above 300 m/min under dry cutting conditions.
AC810P: In addition to FF-TiCN coat, this grade features a tough, thick Al2O3 coating enhanced by newly de- veloped grain growth control technology, excellent wear resistance and long tool life in high-speed, high-feed cutting.
AC820P: In addition to FF-TiCN coat, this grade features a high-density structured FF-Al2O3 layer using new smooth surface treatment technology, and also employs coating thickness control technology to achieve excellent versatility, stability and long tool life.
AC830P: In addition to FF-TiCN coat, this grade features a strengthened FF-Al2O3 layer using new stress control technology and moreover provides excellent reliability and wear-resistance in heavy interrupted cutting to achieve long tool life.

•  High-speed and efficient cutting
•  Increased wear and breakage resistance
•  First choice for long tool life and high feed rates
•  Perfect combination of chip breaker and grade

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Shank tool holder series

The Sumitomo Polygon shank tool holders enable an extremely high stiffness connection between machine and tool. The conical polygon can take high bending and torque moments based on the combination of the face contact to the spindle. This self-guiding coupling system offers high precision and a repeatability of ± 2µm in X, Y and Z axis.While using this easy and quick coupling system it is possible to gain higher machine utilization time as the set-up and tool change times are reduced.The compact design and the high stiffness connection to the spindle offer a versatile use e.g. on multi-task machines, machining centers and turning-milling centers.

•  Double-clamping system D-Type for negative holders
•  Holders for general turning, copying and facing
•  Available for negative and positive insert types

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