AC8025P Universal grade for steel turning


New YouTube Video is now available - December 2016

The new grade AC8025P bridges the gap between continuous and heavy interrupted cut and is suitable for cutting speed up to 250m/min. With AC8025P we offer an universal and steady machining in a wide application range.

Using a newly developed titanium compound as a coating for the outermost layer greatly improves strength, gives excellent surface smoothness to the coating layer, and makes stable processing a reality. AC8025P uses the "Absotech Platinum" developed using our own advanced CVD technology, delivering at least double the anti-chipping effect of conventional coating layers, and producing a first-choice material for general turning of steel, including greatly improved adhesion resistance.

•  New Coating ,,Absotech Platinum"
•  Excellent wear and fracture resistance
•  High machining quality and versatility 

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