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Discover technology with Sumitomo as your educational partner

On behalf of the employers of Baden-Württemberg, Südwestmetall and the state government of Baden-Württemberg, the TECHNOlino project was developed to promote science and technology in daycare facilities for children. Through a playful approach, natural science and technology are integrated in the concept of nursery schools in a child-friendly way. In addition to encourage curiosity and the joy of discovery, the children's communication and cooperation skills are to be strengthened.

Sumitomo is an educational partner of the nursery school 'Westerhofen' and gave the children a first insight into production during an excursion at our production plant in Lauchheim. To promote the development and implementation of ideas, the "Match 3" game was created together with the children as part of the project 'Drilling and Drilling Tools'. The children participated in the final production, adjusted machines and drilled holes. In this project the technical know-how was imparted playfully by our trainees.

The group was there with great joy, reflected in bright eyes of children, curiosity and actionism. We are particularly proud of the great commitment of our trainees, who have been instrumental in leading the project.