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Sumitomo Seminars

Our goal is to ensure efficient machining processes for our customers. Qualified employees are a decisive success factor in global competition - and this is exactly where our seminars come in. If process disturbances are detected at an early stage, tool solutions can be used and the production process can be sustainably optimized. Benefit from the exchange of experience with our globally networked Tool Engineering Centers.

In addition to basic seminars, our training programme includes in-depth advanced seminars as well as individual theme workshops and production analyses. The seminars take place in our European Design & Engineering Center (EDEC) in Lauchheim, in our European headquarters in Willich or at your location.

Seminar Dates

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More competence leads to higher productivity

Our systematically structured seminars contain practice-oriented application examples with direct reference to the lectures shown. We would also be happy to integrate your individual task as a training topic in our seminars. Demo videos, plenum discussions and machining examples on the machine complement our training courses. Each participant receives the seminar documents to transfer what they have learned to their daily production process. Our seminars are aimed at all employees from machining industry, such as work planners, programmers, machine operators, tool setters and application engineers. The optimal number of participants is 10 to a maximum of 20.

Our seminars - practical and user-oriented

Basic Seminars

Basics and problem areas in turning, drilling, milling and hard machining in various materials

Advanced Seminars

Strategies and tool solutions to increase productivity
Performance optimization through the use of newly developed cutting materials

Individual Seminars

Precisely tailored to your needs
Optimization of your cutting process

Holemaking Seminars

Basic Seminar

  • Basics and problems in holemaking
  • Machining environment and machine requirements
  • Drill selection according to application
  • Cutting parameters, tool life and wear detection
  • Drilling by milling
  • Identifying and solving process faults during holemaking

Advanced Seminar

  • Strategies to increase productivity
  • Deep hole drilling process
  • Creation of fitting bores with high-feed reamer
  • Customer-specific solutions with special, step and combination tools

Turning Seminars

Basic Seminar

  • Current cutting materials and coatings
  • Machining environment and machine requirements
  • Selection of inserts according to application
  • Select chip breaker geometry and determine cutting parameters
  • Wear detection and countermeasures to improve tool life

Advanced Seminar

  • Machining of difficult to machine materials, such as special and superalloys
  • Identifying tool solutions and optimizing processes
  • Identifying and solving process faults during turning
  • Special turning processes such as groving and traverse machining or threading

Hard machining Seminars

Basic Seminar

  • Basics and advantages of hard machining
  • Applications of CBN cutting materials
  • Machining accuracy during hard machining
  • Selection of CBN grade and cutting edge design
  • CBN Optimization Guide

Advanced Seminar

  • Composition of CBN and PCD cutting materials
  • Hard machining process
  • Special application methods for CBN such as grooving, slab, HFT and hard thread turning
  • CBN applications in hardened steel, cast iron, powder metal and superalloys
  • Application possibilities of binderless PCD and CBN in titanium, hard metal, aluminium and non-ferrous metals

Milling Seminars

Basic Seminar

  • Selection criteria for milling tools, cutting materials and coatings
  • Central chip thickness as a success factor
  • Develope and optimize milling strategies
  • Identify types of wear and initiate countermeasures

Advanced Seminar

  • Optimization of production times and process stability (high feed milling, trochoidal milling)
  • Performance optimization through the use of newly developed cutting materials (CBN, PCD)
  • Machining of difficult to machine materials, such as special and superalloys
  • Use of coolant lubricants

Individual seminars designed exactly for your production

Within our individual training courses, both the seminar contents and the time schedule are tailored exactly to your cutting tasks and your operational requirements. Technical and special topics can be compiled individually and adapted to your needs. On request, we carry out production analyses and develop tool solutions to optimize your cutting process.