SUMITOMO ELECTRIC Hartmetall GmbH develops and manufactures a comprehensive range of cutting tool materials, Carbide, Cermet, SUMIBORON (CBN) and SUMIDIA (PCD). Our headquarters in Willich near Düsseldorf organizes the sales, logistics, and marketing for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Our customers are guaranteed competent technical advice via our highly qualified consultants and application engineers. Our European production facilities are located in southern Germany (Lauchheim) and in the Czech Republic (Jihlava).

We are also proud to make reference to our European Design & Engineering Center (E-DEC) based in Lauchheim. We created 2,000 square meters of presentation, training, and meeting rooms to present theory-based training and practical machinery presentations. The latest technologies enable demonstrations of tools and systems in action. Workpieces can be machined, the production processes can be optimized and together the acquired expertise can be evaluated and confirmed directly on the machines in the presentation center. Our customers receive the complete solution, which they can subsequently transfer to their own production.

We consistently strive to be a company that is able to respond rapidly to changes in our customers' business environment. Enhancing our engineering technologies and product development permits us to expand our business in collaboration with our domestic and international sales office networks and production facilities. Go to Global Network

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Production Network:
Europe: Germany (Lauchheim), Czech Republic (Jihlava)
Overseas: Japan, U.S.A., Thailand, Indonesia, China

Business Activities:
Development, production and sales of cemented carbide, CBN and PCD cutting tools
(Brand names: SUMIBORON, SUMIDIA), wear resistant tools and materials

400 in Europe and about 3000 worldwide for cutting tools

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Business Principles

Article 1

Sumitomo shall achieve prosperity based on solid foundation by placing prime importance on integrity and sound management in the conduct of its business.

Article 2

Sumitomo’s business interest must always be in harmony with public interest; Sumitomo shall adapt to good times and bad times but will not pursue immoral business.

  • Offer the very best goods and services to satisfy customer needs.
  • Build technical expertise, realize changes and strive for concistent growth.
  • Nurture a lively corporate culture that enables employee self-improvement.
  • Maintain high corporate ethics and strive to become a company worthy of society’s trust.
  • Contribute to creating a better society and environment, with a firm awareness of our social responsibility.

Company History

1931 Started to manufacture and sell carbide cutting tools in Japan
1977 Started to manufacture and sell sintered CBN cutting tools under the brand name SUMIBORON
1978 Started to manufacture and sell sintered diamond tools under the brand name SUMIDIA
1981 Foundation of SUMITOMO ELECTRIC Hartmetall GmbH in Germany
- European Headquarters
1984 Foundation of SUMITOMO ELECTRIC Hardmetal Ltd. in the United Kingdom
1985 Foundation of French branch
1989 Foundation of SUMITOMO ELECTRIC Hartmetallfabrik GmbH in Germany
- Production Facility
2004 Foundation of Italian branch
2008 Foundation of SUMITOMO ELECTRIC Hartmetallfabrik GmbH in Czech Republic
- Production Facility
2012 Foundation of European Design and Engineering Center (E-DEC) in Germany
- Innovative development and technology center
2013 Foundation of SumiSertmetal in Turkey