Basic concept of the Compliance System

For Sumitomo, compliance with legal regulations and adherence to corporate ethics are top priorities. Violations of these regulations must be detected at an early stage in order to initiate appropriate countermeasures and avert possible damage to customers, employees and business partners. Our Compliance System (Whistleblower System) gives you the opportunity to inform us about violations of legal regulations or Compliance Rules and thus contribute to their detection.

Company violations

Sumitomo's Compliance Department has established several reporting channels to ensure that it is able to promptly learn about violations within the company and to follow up on information appropriately. Internal contact persons and external contact points are available to our employees for this purpose. The external contact points can also be used by our business partners and outside parties to inform the company of any violations or suspected cases. Our aim is to identify such issues at an early stage and to solve the reported problems without delay.


If you have or suspect specific, well-founded indications of legal infringements or violations of the rules at Sumitomo, please use one of the following options to contact the responsible Compliance Unit:

Navex Global


Telephone: You may find the phone numbers of your region in the above URL by clicking “Make a Report”, then “To Make a Report By Phone”.

The content of each report is forwarded directly to the Compliance Committee's office, which will then work with the relevant experts to investigate the reported issue and take appropriate action. Sumitomo follows up on all information provided, ensuring the highest level of confidentiality and fairness in dealing with the whistleblower as well as with the employee affected by the allegation.  Anonymous references are also possible if sufficient evidence is available.

Not for complaints

Please note that our Compliance System is not intended for complaints. If you are dissatisfied with our products or services, please contact your general contact person or your representative.