GND grooving system with inner coolant supply

The GND grooving system has been expanded to include DIN shanks with internal coolant supply. The two targeted coolant outlets ensure optimum cooling and lubrication of the cutting zone. In addition to the further improved chip control, the achievable tool life is also further increased.

  • Coolant supply through flute (bottom side; closable) or thread G1/8
  • Two coolant outlets towards the cutting edge for better tool life and chip control
  • Coolant pressure from 10 - 150bar suitable
  • DIN shank 20x20mm and 25x25mm with grooving widths from 2.0 - 6.0mm



Straight Type | L-Type | Inner diameter grooving

Application range Grooving | Turning | Profiling | Necking | Facing | Cutoff | Internal boring
Grooving widths 1.25 - 8.0 mm
Chip breakers MG | ML | GG | GL | GF | CG | CF | RG | RN | GA

Reduce chattering | Excellent chip control

High rigidity design reduces chattering by up to 30% as compared to conventional tools.

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Details of GND

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