TSX milling cutters offer more stability during machining

With the TSX series, a highly efficient solution combining an extremely stable milling body and tangentially mounted inserts provide excellent results in shoulder milling, face milling and side face milling. The TSX cutters are available as TSX08 and TSX13 series with a maximum cutting depth of 8.0 mm and 12.0 mm.

The LNEX type four cornered inserts with tangential adjustment enable cost-efficient machining and are available across a wide range of grades with two insert sizes and three different chip breakers. The cutting edge geometry, which has been optimized with regard to sharpness and cutting ability, considerably reduces the cutting forces, so that the TSX series enable reliable machining even in unstable processes.


Standard Shank Type | Shell Type | Repeater
Special order Side Cutter | T-Slot | High Feed Cutter
Insert sizes

LNEX 13 | LNEX 08

Chip breakers

L | G | H

Benefits Stability

Thanks to its extremely high rigidity, the TSX milling cutter achieves constant performance in heavy roughing applications. The new design of the inserts also enables finishing operations with high surface requirements.

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Details of TSX

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