Sumitomo Catalogue 2020-2021 now available for download

Our new product catalogue 2020-2021 is now available for download in 7 different languages. Get an overview of the range of products from Sumitomo and learn more about the specifics of each tool.

In our new catalogue we have added numerous products that were previously only available as separate Tooling News. You will now find for example:

  • Carbide grades, such as AC8000P / AC4000K / AC5000S
  • Milling grade ACU2500
  • CBN grade NCB100
  • PCD grade DA90
  • GND-JE grooving tool with internal cooling
  • WEZ shoulder milling cutter series
  • ANX high speed milling cutter with PCD blades

We are also making our contribution to climate protection and have therefore decided to produce a smaller number of printed catalogues for the first time. To make the digital catalogue easier to use, we have provided it with a clickable table of contents (bookmarks). Additionally, you can also download the catalogue divided into different chapters.

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