T2500Z cermet grade for excellent machined surface quality

Cermets are titanium carbide-based (TIC, TiCN) hard metals, meaning a compound of ceramic particles in a metallic binder. Compared to tungsten carbide, cermet has better wear resistance and less tendency to build up cutting edges.

Cermets, with titanium compound as the main component, have low affinity with iron, providing a glossy machined surface on ferrous metals. Cermets have also been attracting attention in recent years for using only a small amount of tungsten, which is a scarce resource.

Our newly developed cermet substrate T2500Z with excellent thermal conductivity, improves thermal crack and notch wear resistance. Thanks to our Brilliant Coat® technology, T2500Z achieves excellent wear and adhesion resistance, providing stable and excellent machined surface quality in various work materials such as bearing steel, carbon steel and alloy steel.

Brilliant Coat® has excellent lubricity and significantly reduces reactions with ferrous metals. This greatly reduces the formation of built-up edges and thus significantly reduces the risk of fractures. Additionally, the wear resistance has been improved by over 1.5 times as compared to conventional products. T2500Z not only provides beautiful finished surfaces but also a longer tool life in the finishing process.

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Details of T2500Z

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