Universal NGU chipbreaker for positive insert geometries

The versatility and reliability of cutting tools is becoming increasingly important not only for turning of components for the automotive industry, but also in many other areas of application.

As a solution to these increasing demands, Sumitomo has developed the general-purpose NGU chip breaker for positive M-class inserts. As already known from negative insert shapes, the positive NGU type also features extremely stable chip control and covers a very wide range of applications from finishing to light interrupted cutting.

Excellent chip control despite different cutting conditions

The chipbreaker shape is characterized by a wide chip pocket, which provides improved chip control under different cutting conditions. This prevents the chips from being trapped during the machining process and ensures a stable process flow. The new chipbreaker geometry is available for use in both steel materials and stainless steels.

Low cutting forces reduce vibrations

The chipbreaker design provides excellent chip control and is designed to reduce cutting forces and vibrations during machining. This reduces cutting edge stress and ensures a stable machining process in various applications and cutting conditions.

Improved fracture resistance for lower machining costs

The multi-stage chip breaker ensures excellent sharpness and toughness, which significantly improves cutting edge stability. As a result, NGU chipbreaker reduces the frequency of tool changes and reduces machining costs.

A complete overview of available insert geometries and cutting materials can be found in the Tooling News. In addition, our experts are of course always available to answer your questions. Go to the detail page to watch YouTube video and browse Tooling News.

Details of NGU

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