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AC4000K Grades

Coated carbide grades

Newly developed grades for longer and stable tool life in machining of various cast irons - from grey cast iron (FC) to high-strength ductile cast iron (FCD).

  • High adhesion technology provides smooth cutting edge treatment for drastically improved peeling resistance
  • Crystal orientation control technology doubles crater wear resistance for high-speed machining
  • Special surface treatment achieves more than twice the compressive stress and 2x chipping resistance

Grade Selection


  • 1st recommended grade for gray cast iron
  • Ultra thick coating allows for ultra-high speed machining (vc=700m/min)


  • 1st recommended grade for ductile cast iron
  • High adhesion, high-strength coating provides longer and stable tool life

Application examples

+100% Tool life


Tooling News

AC4000K Grades

Coated grades for cast iron machining