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AC5000S Grades

Coated Grades for exotic alloys

AC5005S, AC5015S and AC5025S - Our New Grades for Exotic Alloy Turning, Creating „Absolutely Stable Cutting“.

  • High efficiency with a newly developed dedicated substrate with excellent high-temperature hardness.
  • Realises excellent wear resistance and plastic deformation resistance during machining.
  • With AC5005S the deformation at high temperatures goes 50% down from conventional grade.

Grade Selection


  • For high-efficiency machining.
  • Excellent wear resistance.
  • Tool life 1,5 x conventional grade.



  • For general turning of exotic materials
  • Excellent wear resistance thanks to new PVD coating technology


  • For rough turning of exotic materials
  • Tough substrate achieves excellent crater and fracture resistance

Application examples

+433% Tool life


Tooling News

AC5000S Grades

Our New Grades for Exotic Alloy Turning