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ALNEX ANX high-speed PCD cutters

High-speed PCD Cutter for aluminium alloys

With the steel and lightweight aluminium body lineup, the ANX milling cutter series is suitable for high-speed machining of aluminium alloys.

  • Steel or lightweight aluminium alloy body
  • Achieves feeds of over vf=30,000mm/min
  • Cutter body as shank and shell type available
  • Standard / Medium / Fine pitch
  • Wide milling cutter range with diameter from Ø 32mm to 160mm

Drastically reduced runout adjustment time

  • Specially developed PCD blades
  • Superior chip control
  • Simple screw-fastening structure enables fine adjustments to be made easily
  • Wide application range thanks to 6 different edge preperations
  • The through-tool coolant secures a supply of coolant directly to the cutting edge and breaks chips thoroughly


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ANX High-speed PCD cutters

High-speed machining of aluminum alloys