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ASM Endmills

DLC-coated endmills for aluminium alloys

  • DLC (Diamond like carbon) coating
  • ASM square type / SNB ballnose type
  • Number of teeth: 2 / 4 flutes
  • Endmills from Ø 2,0mm - 16,0mm

Aurora coat series

  • AURORA COAT is a high hardness, low coefficient layer of DLC - Diamond Like Carbon
  • DLC coat can be used for dry cutting and is environmental friendly
  • Producing excellent surface finish for machining of aluminium
  • Very smooth AURORA COAT results in low adhesion as well as good surface finish
  • With lower cutting forces and high rigidity, this series is suitable for low rigidity machine
  • Also available as uncoated endmill for machining of aluminium alloys and non-ferrous metals