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BNC2105 / BNC2115 / BNC2125 GRADE


BNC2105, BNC2115 and BNC2125 have been added to our coated SUMIBORON series and are our first recommendations for hardened steel machining, for even higher efficiency machining. It's the pinnacle of high accuracy and high efficiency cutting.

  • BNC2105 for high-speed Machining
  • BNC2115 for high-accuracy machining
  • BNC2125 first recommendation for hardened steel machining
  • High-efficiency machining
  • Long stable tool life

Grade Selection

BNC2105 - High speed

  • for a stable and long tool life under highspeed machining
  • New coating technology and modified CBN substrate, with excellent heat resistance

BNC2115 - High precision

  • The definitive grade in high-accuracy machining.
  • Realises long tool life with excellent surface roughness and stable machining.
  • Further maintains excellent surface roughness.
  • Maintains excellent surface roughness thanks to a coating with high notch wear resistance and tough CBN substrate.

BNC2125 - General purpose

  • First recommendation for hardened steel machining.
  • Superb wear and fracture resistance.
  • Achieves long, stable tool life even in high-efficiency and interrupted machining.
  • Along with a tough CBN substrate, the coating combines wear resistance and toughness to realise stable machining


Tooling News

BNC2105 / BNC2115 / BNC2125 Grades

Coated CBN grades for hardened steel turning