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BNC8115 / BNS8125 Grades

From roughing to finishing of cast iron and hardened steel

Coated SUMIBORON BNC8115 and uncoated SUMIBORON BNS8125


PVD coating with excellent wear resistance suppresses flank wear in machining of cast iron and hardened steel. Ideal for roughing and 0,5 mm to 0,3 mm depths of cut can also be used for roughing and finishing of grey cast iron. Gold-colored coating for improved visibility of used corners.

Uncoated SUMIBORON BNS8125

Optimising the particle size distribution on the CBN particles has resulted in improved chipping resistance and longer life with maintaining wear resistance during grey cast iron machining.


Tooling News

BNC8115 / BNS8125

Solid CBN grade for finishing of hard-to-cut-materials