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CBN Mini Boring Bar System

Ultra small boring bar with CBN cutting edge

The CBN boring systems BSME and SEXC were developed specifically for the machining of ultra small diameter holes in hardened steel. The entire boring bar series is equipped with internal cooling. In order to achieve high rigidity and accuracy, all boring bars are designed in carbide. For easy setup and handling, the use of a clamping sleeve, which can take all boring bar sizes by the unified shaft, is provided.

  • Internal coolant
  • Easy setting & handling
  • High accuracy & high rigidity
  • One sleeve for different diameters

2 Types of CBN Mini Boring Bar Systems


  • Series with brazed CBN cutting edge
  • Minimum bore diameter from 2,5mm up to 5,0mm


  • Series with indexable CBN insert
  • Minimum bore diameter from 4,0mm up to 6,0mm

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