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DA1000 PCD Grade

Sumidia Grade

DA1000 is a high density, ultra-fine grained sintered PCD grade with high toughness similar to that of carbide. Excellent micro cutting edge geometry, optimum wear and fracture resistance facilitate high performance, longer tool life and achieve high efficiency machining especially during milling of aluminium alloys.

  • PCD grade for aluminium alloys
  • Significantly improved surface roughness
  • Minimization of burr formation on workpiece
  • Even more cost effective combined with NF type inserts

Application range

Applicable for turning and milling

  • High-Silicon Aluminium Alloy Cutting
  • Rough, Interrupted and Finishing of Al-Alloy
  • Wood or Wooden Board Cutting
  • Non-Ferrous Metal Finishing (Al, Copper Alloy)

Tooling News

DA1000 Grade

PCD grade for machining of aluminium-alloy