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Face milling cutters DGC

Unique body design can use two types of inserts

DGC Series are general-purpose cutter which provide high cutting edge strength for high efficiency milling and low-burr chipbreaker design that achieves high quality machined surface. Two types of inserts can be used with a single body depending on milling application to reduce costs.

  • Utilizes double-sided inserts for excellent economy
  • Same cutting performance as single-sided inserts plus superior economy
  • Available as standard, medium and fine pitch
  • Wide milling cutter range with diameter from Ø 40mm to 250mm

Up to 16 corners can be used for improved economy


  • First recommendation
  • economical double-sided insert design offers 8 cutting edges
  • Maximum depth of cut: 6,0mm


  • Double-sided design with 16 corners for improved economy
  • Maximum depth of cut: 3,0mm

Tooling News

DGC Type Milling cutter

Milling cutter for high-efficient general face milling