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GND Grooving System

High precision grooving tool holders

  • Applicable for grooving, turning, profiling, facing, necking, internal grooving and cut-off
  • Grooving insert width tolerance of ±0,03mm over the entire range
  • Grooving width from 1,25mm - 8,0mm
  • 30% reduced vibration compared with conventional types
  • 10 different chipbreakers achieve outstanding chip control
  • New DIN shank types with inner coolant supply

Latest expansions of GND series

New Holders for Deep Grooves GNDXL type

SEC-Grooving Tools GND series now feature holders for deep grooves with groove depth up to 32mm. Integrated high-rigidity body and insert realise superb vibration resistance with extra-strong clamp-on specifications. Shank width lineup includes 20mm square and 25mm square. Dedicated 1-cornered inserts for deep grooving with widths of cut from 3.0 to 6.0mm are stocked (2.0 mm is a made-to-order item). Chipbreaker lineup includes ML type / GF type / RN type.

GND with internal coolant

The GND grooving system has been expanded to include DIN shanks with internal coolant supply. The two targeted coolant outlets ensure optimum cooling and lubrication of the cutting zone. In addition to the further improved chip control, the achievable tool life is also further increased.

CF Type Chipbreaker

Newly developed chipbreakers with front cutting angles 10°/15° for cut-off machining now available. The asymmetric chipbreaker design achieves an outstanding chip control even on inserts with front cutting angles where chip control is typically difficult.


GNDIS Type is suitable for grooving of small bores with minimum bore diameters from 14mm. Reduces vibration during grooving by employing the same high-rigidity holder design of the GND series. Uses special 2-cornered inserts (GXM type).


Tooling News

GND Grooving System

High precision grooving tool holders