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GSX Endmills

GSX coated solid carbide endmills

  • Improved thermal resistance thanks to Super ZX Coating
  • Square type / Ballnose type
  • Number of teeth: 2 / 3 / 4 flutes
  • Endmills from Ø 0,5mm - 25,0mm

GSX Standard Endmills

  • Fine carbide substrate provides high transverse rupture strength and excellent thermal shock resistance improving reliability in wet cutting applications
  • GSX Coating provides improved reliability and longer tool life
  • Large rake angle and unique flute design improve sharpness and chip evacuation
  • Cutting teeth with gash land improves corner flute strength
  • Sharper edge S type and fracture resistant C type available

GSX-VL Anti-Vibration Type

  • HAIMER's SAFE-LOCK TM applicable endmills available
  • Optimized irregular pitch and lead affords drastically improved chattering and fracture resistance as well as less cutting force
  • Allows high-speed and high-feed cutting
  • Rounded lands greatly improve machined surface quality (from ø4 and up)
  • New fine-grained carbide substrate and special coating for better rigidity and thermal and wear resistance

GSX-B Ballnose Type

  • New coating combined with a fine-grained carbide substrate affords better thermal and wear resistance
  • Large helix angle on cutting edge reduces cutting resistance
  • Unique pocket design and expanded pocket area promotes better chip evacuation
  • Offers higher reliability and longer tool life in machining from soft to hardened steels

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GSX Endmill

"Global Standard" Endmills Series