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MTIX shoulder milling cutter

Milling cutter for Ti-based alloys

The MTIX shoulder milling cutter is suitable for aerospace structure parts and enables a wide application range thanks to its large ramping angle.

  • Cutter body as shank and shell type available
  • Standard / Medium pitch
  • Milling cutter range with diameter from Ø 32mm to 63mm

Flexible tooling with large ramping angle

MTIX provides a stable and reliable tool life and covers various applications with wide insert range.

  • Roughing of Ti-based alloys combined with ACM300 grade
  • Stable and reliable tool life
  • Wide insert range to cover various applications
  • Suitable for aerospace structure parts

Large Application Range

Tooling News

MTIX Milling Cutters

Shoulder milling cutters for rough milling of titanium