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Sumidia Chipbreaker

NLD/NGD type chipbreakers achieve outstanding chip control in semi-and fine-finishing of aluminum alloys. The employment of high toughness grade DA1000 achieves stable, long tool life.

  • PCD insert with chip breaker for aluminium alloys
  • Excellent chip control in finishing applications
  • Improved work efficiency by solving chip control problems
  • Stable long tool life with high-toughness grade DA1000

SUMIDIA Break Master (Kopie)

NLD Type Chipbreaker

Achieves excellent surface quality and outstanding chip control thanks to its 3-D finishing chip breaker design in combination with the sharp cutting edge.

NGD Type Chipbreaker

Achieves stable chip control in a wide application range from semi finishing to general cutting thanks to its adjusted 3-D chip breaker design.


Tooling News

NLD/NGD Chipbreaker

PCD chipbreaker Break Master type