NPD10 Binderless PCD Grade

Binderless SUMIDIA Grade

The binderless PCD grade NPD10 is our first recommendation for high-precision machining of tungsten carbide as well as hard and brittle materials.

  • Excellent wear reasistance
  • Extreme performance due to nano-polycrystalline diamonds offering superior dimensional stability
  • Reduces tool replacing time compared to conventional tools
  • Great advantages in improving work quality and achieving total cost savings by higher productivity

Application range

Revolutionary Solution

NPD10 is best suited for high precision machining of carbide, hard brittle material and shows excellent results in ceramic machining with nano-polycrystalline diamond, which is binderless, isotropic and harder than single-crystal diamond.

Nano-polykristalline Diamond

Nano-polycrystalline diamond is a polycrystalline diamond that directly binds nanometer-level diamond particles with high strength without using binders. It is harder than single-crystal diamond and has no cleavability. Therefore, it enables machining of hard brittle materials such as carbides and offers new machining methods.


Tooling News

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