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RSE Radius Milling Cutter

Tough cutter for high-efficiency machining of stainless steel and exotic alloy

  • High-efficiency, high-rigidity radius cutter
    Wide insert seat face design achieves excellent durability, for high efficiency machining of stainless steel etc. and is ideal for roughing of aerospace components such as turbine blades.
  • Lineup of ground type and M class inserts
    In addition to the 4-cornered Ground type inserts, economical 8-cornered M Class inserts are also available.
  • Uses new grades for exotic alloy machining
    Utilizing newly developed ACS2500/ACS3000 grades to achieve stable and long tool life in machining exotic alloys, such as titanium alloys and Ni-based heat-resistant alloys, as well as stainless steel.
  • Cutter body can be shared by optimizing the locating surface design

High-rigidity clamp design

Wide Insert Seat Face Design

  • 4-cornered RPHT mounted


  • 8-cornered RPMT/RDMT mounted

4-cornered Ground type inserts and 8-cornered M Class inserts can be used on the same cutter body.

Application examples

+140% Wear resistance
+140% Fracture resistance

Tooling News

RSE cutters

High-efficiency and high-rigidity Radius Milling Cutter