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RSX Radius milling cutter

Radius mill for exotic alloys

The Wave Radius Mill RSX Series enables stable machining even when using equipment with low clamp rigidity thanks to its body design achieving excellent cutting performance and rigidity. In addition to the ACM Series for stainless steel and exotic alloys two grades have been added: ACP200 grade for steel machining and ACK300 grade for cast iron machining. Handle an even wider range of milling needs with the RSX(F)08000 and RSX(F)20000 types.

  • Low cutting resistance and less vibration
  • Shank Type / Shell Type / Modular Type
  • Standard or fine pitch
  • Wide milling cutter range with diameter from Ø 20mm to 160mm

High operability

Ease of corner control has been achieved with the adoption of a unique positioning mechanism that is highly precise and highly operable.

  • High fracture resistance
  • Excellent surface finish
  • 5 different insert size series with 2 chipbreaker range


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RSX cutters

Radius mill for general purpose and exotic alloys