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SMD detachable head drill

Drills with replaceable heads

The SMD MultiDrill Series are detachable head type drills using a radial serrated connection design for high precision and strength. The exchangeable drill head provides a new cutting edge, higher productivity and cost efficiency with easy tool management. Regrinding allowance of 1,5mm to 3,0mm makes further tool cost reductions possible.

  • Drill diameter up to Ø 42,5mm
  • Holder 3D / 5D / 8D / 12D
  • High rigidity & low costs
  • High precision & strength

Detachable and regrindable heads

MTL Type

  • Suitable for high efficiency drilling in general steel
  • X-Type Thinning
  • Web thinning with excellent centring
  • Large edge treatment
  • Strong peripheral cutting edge

MEL Type

  • Suitable for soft steel, grey cast iron, exotic metals and low rigidity setups
  • Overlap Thinning
  • Large thinning angle
  • Small edge treatment
  • Sharp peripheral cutting edge

MB Type

  • Ideal for drilling rolled steels for structural weldments
  • X-Type Thinning
  • J-grooved flute
  • Centre oil hole directs coolant to cutting edge
  • Exclusive edge for structual steel


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SMD Drills

Multi-Drills with replaceable and regrindable heads