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T1500A/T1000A Cermet Grades

Uncoated Cermet Grades

T1500A is a general purpose uncoated cermet that provides stable finish quality in finishing and medium cutting. This cermet grade features varying levels of granularity that leaves a beautiful glossy finish while achieving excellent resistance against wear and fracture.

T1000A is an uncoated high speed finishing grade designed with wear resistance in mind that provides long tool life and excellent wear resistance in continuous finishing and profiling applications.

Grade Selection


  • Excellent fracture and wear resistance
  • 3D chip breaker comes into its own in applications where good chip control is required
  • Expanded lineup meets an even wider range of needs


  • Exceptional toughness and adhesion for a hardened cermet
  • Perfect for fine finishing with grinding grades
  • Extensive line up with emphasis on grinding grades meets a diverse range of needs

Tooling News

T1000A / T1500A Grades

Uncoated Cermet Grades