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WDX indexable insert drills

Economical indexable insert drills

SumiDrill WDX type has excellent cutting balance that provides stable hole drilling in a wide application range. Available in three original chipbreaker styles, the WDX type features improved chip management and reduced cutting resistance for use in low rigidity set ups.

  • Diameter range: 13,0 - 55,0 mm
  • Holder 2D / 3D / 4D / 5D
  • High rigidity & low costs
  • Excellent hole accuracy
  • Four different grades available

Economical 4-cornered insert

Stable hole drilling

Cutting resistance during machining is balanced between central and peripheral inserts, and the relative position of each insert are optimised to provide stable drilling.

Excellent chip management

A chip control groove in the centre of the breaker allows the direction of chip evacuation to be controlled. Three separate purpose-designed breakers drastically reduce chip troubles with a variety of different work materials in a variety of different conditions.


Tooling News

WDX indexable insert drills

Expanded with the M Type Chipbreaker for Drilling in Stainless Steel