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WEX shoulder milling cutters

Stable cutter design for reliable machining

The cutter body of WEX Type offers a high resistance against both abrasion and corrosion. Additionally the chip evacuation is supported by inner coolant and air pressure. The wave shaped cutting edges generate lower cutting forces whilst the high shear cutting action ensures smooth reliable cutting even when deep slotting or milling with low rigidity machines.

  • Shank Type / Shell Type / Modular Type
  • Standard, medium or fine pitch
  • Wide milling cutter range with diameter from Ø 10mm to 100mm
  • Wide variety of inserts

WEX Series


  • Insert size: 06
  • Milling cutter range Ø 10,0mm - 63,0mm
  • Economic advantages using small AXMT06 inserts
  • Efficient machining via high number of inserts
  • Precise insert change tolerance provides high surface roughness quality


  • Insert size: 12
  • Milling cutter range Ø 14,0mm - 80,0mm


  • Insert size: 17
  • Milling cutter range Ø 25,0mm - 100,0mm


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