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WFX Milling Cutters

High precision multi-purpose milling cutters

Wave Mill WFX type for shoulder milling is a screw-locking type cutter capable of using four corners. Ideal cutting edge design delivers good squareness.

  • Stable machining due to sharp cutting edge
  • Shank type / Shell Type / Modular Type
  • Standard / Fine pitch / Extra-fine pitch
  • Wide milling cutter range with diameter from Ø 20mm to 100mm


Optimized edge shape

The insert shape, optimized for shoulder milling and combined with a high-precision body, leaves a superior machined surface finish.

  • Convex shape ensures the cutting edge strength
  • Flat shape minimises differences in step levels
  • Wiper edge function improves the surface roughness

Expansion for high feed and chamfer milling


The WaveMill WFXC type enables chamfer milling with the same inserts of WFX series. This allows the WFXC chamfering tool to support many types of work materials using a variety of grades.

  • Modular Type available
  • Milling cutter range from Ø 8mm to 32mm

Expand in application with SOMT insert

Due to expansion difference A.A. cutter bodies, not only shoulder milling but high feed milling and chamfer milling is possible with the same insert.


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