Our Service

In addition to the production of drills, milling cutters, and the manufacture of individual tool solutions according to customer requirements, we offer a regrinding service for Sumitomo standard tools made of solid carbide, special drills, and milling cutters, as well as specific tools equipped with indexable inserts in our Lauchheim production facility.

Save Costs

While the full performance of your cutting tools is maintained at 100% by the original regrinding, you save up to 50% of the costs compared to a new purchase already with the second regrinding.

Detailed examination

When your tool reaches the wear limit, send it to us in Lauchheim. In addition to the full inspection of your tool, we also check the cost-effectiveness of the reconditioning.

With high-quality coating

After the thorough inspection, your tool will be reground and given a high-quality coating. After a final quality check, we send your tool back to you so that you can reuse it as usual in the original manufacturer's quality.