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MDE Series Multidrills

Suitable for a wide range of Materials, from high-carbon steels and die steels to stainless steels. Stable Drilling for small machining center and lathes.

General-purpose drill suitable for a wide range of work materials and cutting conditions

RX Thinning + Arc Shaped Cutting Lip


High-quality edge provides stable tool life

Application Example: High Carbon Steel

ACT100 grade achieves high wear resistance and peripheral edge breakage resistance

Work Material: S50C, Machine: BT30 vertical machining centre Tool: MDE 0800S08H05 (ø8mm×5D) with hole Cutting Conditions: vc=80 m/min, f=0.15 mm/rev, H=38 mm (through), internal coolant supply (water soluble)

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NeXEO MDE Series