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High Feed Turning (HFT-O)/HFT-D) with CBN

HFT System with octagon & rhomboid shape CBN inserts


  • Up to 8 times higher productivity than conventional hard turning
  • Octagon CBN insert (8 cutting edges) and rhomboid shape CBN insert (2 cutting edges)
  • Special wiper technology with smooth cutting edge entry on the workpiece
  • Good surface roughness (Rz < 4 μm) even at elevated feed rates of f = 1,2 mm/rev
  • Stable monoblock design holders based on HSK, ISO-PSC, VDI, KM or DIN coupling
  • High cutting removal rates while maintaining required qualities
  • Special tools available on request


Tooling News

High Feed Turning (HFT-O)/HFT-D) with CBN (versione inglese)

HFT System with Octagon & Rhomboid Shape CBN Inserts