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AC8000P Grades


AC8000P Series

Coated carbide grades

Now the AC8000P series has been expanded to include AC8020P,  the high-efficiency grade for turning.


  • Absotech Platinum Technology
  • Excellent stability
  • Reliable processes
  • Excellent wear resistance


Grade Selection

AC8015P - High speed cutting

  • 1st recommendation with NGU chipbreaker
  • NGE chipbreaker for higher efficiency
  • Improved crater wear resistance
  • Increased tool life

AC8025P - General purpose

  • 1st recommendation with NGU chipbreaker
  • Improved tool surface smoothness
  • Significantly reduced adhesion
  • Excellent reliability

AC8035P - Heavy interrupted cutting

  • 1st recommendation with NGU chipbreaker
  • NUX chipbreaker for higher stability
  • Excellent toughness
  • Drastically reduced tensile residual stress in coating

New grade AC8020P for high efficiency cutting of middle-high hardness steel

  • Improved chipping resistance (2,5 x higher)
  • For high efficiency machining of hardened steel and forged material
  • Al2O3 coating with even higher strength balances outstanding stability and wear resistance in mill-scale work
  • Gold color is easy to identify used edges

Movie of AC8000P Series

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