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Coated CBN Grades

BNC2010 and BNC2020 are the latest additions to the coated SUMIBORON Series, to provide even better stability and longer tool life for hardened steel machining.

  • BNC2010 for high precision
  • BNC2020 for general purpose
  • High-efficiency machining
  • Stable long tool life

Grade Selection

BNC2010 - High precision

  • Excellent surface roughness and dimensional accuracy
  • Improved wear resistance thanks to special CBN substrate
  • Reduced flank wear thanks to special stable multi-layered coating
  • Drastically improved tool life

BNC2020 - General purpose

  • High efficiency and general purpose grade for hardened steel machining
  • Tough CBN substrate with highly wear-resistant coating
  • Highly adhesive layer for high chipping resistance
  • Reliable processes and stable long tool life


Movie of BNC2010/BNC2020

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