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GND Grooving System


GND Series

High precision grooving tool holders

  • Applicable for grooving, turning, profiling, facing, necking, internal grooving and cut-off
  • Grooving insert width tolerance of ±0,03mm over the entire range
  • Grooving width from 1,25mm - 6,0mm
  • 30% reduced vibration compared with conventional types
  • 9 different chipbreakers achieve outstanding chip control


Latest expansions of GND Series


GNDIS Type is suitable for grooving of small bores with minimum bore diameters from 14mm. Reduces vibration during grooving by employing the same high-rigidity holder design of the GND series. Uses special 2-cornered inserts (GXM type).

GA Type ground breakers

High quality ground breaker GA type for aluminium alloy and non-ferrous metals reduces work material adhesion and provides excellent machined surface. Achieve stable machining in combination with special H10 grade for grooving.

Cermet grade T2500A

New cermet grade T2500A for steel grooving and turning greatly improves toughness through a dense and uniform structure for stability and longer tool life. Uses a new cutting edge treatment method to maintain a glossy surface finish.

Movie of GND Series

Movie of GND Series

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