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High Feed Turning HFT-T



HFT-T system

The HFT-T system uses triangular, double-sided CBN inserts which reduce the undercut from 8.0mm to 3.0mm compared to the conventional HFT system and allow a cutting depth of up to ap=0.45mm.

  • Undercut length reduced to 3mm ( standard HFT = 8mm)
  • Flexible system for conical diameters or for cone machining
  • Holder available with standard shank 25x25 (VDI and PSC possible)

HFT System

Triangular, double-sided CBN insert

The coated CBN grades BNC200 and BNC30G cover a wide range of applications with their performance.

  • Triangular insert style
  • No wrong setting thanks to double loaded corners (flip 180°)
  • Depth of cut till ap=0.45mm

HFT System

Movie of HFT System

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