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High Feed Turning



HFT-O System

Our innovative HFT-O System combined with new 8-cornered CBN insert achieves a cycle time that is 6-times faster than conventional ones.

  • 8 times higher productivity than conventional hard turning
  • Good surface roughness (Rz < 4 μ) even at elevated feed rates of f = 1,2 mm/rev
  • High stiffness monoblock design holders based on HSK, ISO-PSC, VDI or DIN coupling
  • High metal removal rate

HFT System

High efficiency CBN insert

Even if you increase the feed rate up to 1,2mm/rev, HFT provides better roughness thanks to our wiper edge technology.

  • Octagon insert offers 8 cutting edges
  • Special wiper geometry
  • Facet placed on the insert's base for secure and accurate insert seating
  • Easy handling and secure insert guiding in stable insert seat

Small high feed boring bars

Machining of smaller bore diameters

Our already established HFT-O system has been expanded with an additional system offering boring bars and inserts for the machining of smaller bore diameters.

  • Bore diameters from Ø 35.0mm up to Ø 42.9mm
  • Increased productivity at reduced costs
  • Holder available with VDI or PSC interface


HFT-O boring bar insert

The coated CBN grades cover a wide range of applications with their performance.

  • Single-edged octagon indexable insert
  • Coated CBN grades BNC200 and BNC30G available

HFT System

Movie of HFT System

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