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PDL / PCT Indexable plunge tools


PDL / PCT Type

Indexable plunge drills / plunge mills

PDL/PCT tools cut in the Z axis direction where tool rigidity is highest, allowing high efficiency roughing for aeronautic components and dies with long tool overhang must be used to machine deep holes and pockets.

  • Diameter range: 16,0 - 40,0 mm
  • Holder 2D / 3D / 5D
  • Internal coolant supply
  • Producing nearly flat-bottom  profiles
  • Use SumiDrill WDX type inserts


  • The flat cutting edge design produces near-flat bottom profiles to reduce depth of cut variation during finishing
  • All sizes come with an air hole for supplying coolant internally to improve chip evacuation
  • Durable body with special surface treatment offers improved tool life and reliability
  • The tools use SumiDrill WDX type inserts for handling a wide range of work materials, from steel to non-ferrous metals and exotic alloys

PDL plunge drills

The PDL type has a central insert making it possible to make radial cuts beyond the tool‘s radius, pitch feed cutting, and drilling. (Pocket milling, etc.)

PCT plunge mills

Although the PCT type has limited radial cutting ability, the tool has many effective teeth enabling it to perform high feed cutting. (Medium finishing of corners, hole expansion, deep grooving, etc.)

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